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am a heavyweight , butt not accustomed to Futura boards
my windsurf buddy is 6'4" and about 240 pounds
he started with a BIC Techno 160 and used an 8.5 most of the time in our light wind area
sometimes used a 7-oh and on occasion a 6-oh
he purchased a Fanatic Hawk 135 and sold the Techno
at first h regretted selling the bigger more floaty board, but he is sticking with it
what he learned is the smaller less floaty board did not schlog as well and one needs another technique to uphaul if the winds are not strong enough for beach n water starts
his wind minimums also went up even though he did not change his sails - due to schlogging and uphaul issues
if you have steady winds over about 14 to 16 knots i would guess the 131 would be the ticket
if there are many holes in the wind or you go out lighter i would guess the 141
the 141 is supposed to be able to handle a 10-oh as well
i am 6'1" and 95 kilos and a 10-oh will plane for me in about 12 knots
hope this gives you some ideas .... and that others with Futura experience chime in

good luck
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