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Thanks Remi, highly appreciated.

One more question:
I am not an active racer or speed sailor, but I like to blast and race my mates for fun.
I am considering to spend the extra money and add an Isonic 110 or 107 to my fleet. My weight is 96kgs and I believe an 110 liter would fit nicely in between my Isonic 127 and Manta 100 liter.
When fully powered (or overpowered) on the 127 with 9,3 I will then change to the 110 (or 107) and the 7,9.

I sail mostly in quite flat water, and if it is not flat it is mainly with chop 90 to sail direction. I kinda like the short wide boards and I think they handle chop quite well as long as they are given the correct trim.
Also I like the increased stability a wide board gives compared to a more narrow board. Another upside of this will be that I can use an 8,6 both on the 127 and on the 110.

Based on the above, I tend to land on a 110. However, I am all open for advice.

Thanks in advance for any advice, comments.
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