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Default Begintermediate on an X-186 Formula (2002 Vintage)

This question is a bit out of vintage so I apologize for not being current but hopefully someone can allay my fears or give me some advice -

The Question - can a 95kg 180 cm begintermediate sailor sail an Formula X-186 (2002) with a 7.0 Neil Pryde V-8? if not, will more sail be enough or should I turn around and sell this board in search of a more appropriately sized GO board?

Skill Background -
I haven't windsurfed in a few years and wanted to get back on the water again. I have a 7.0m sail and a 5.9 that I used with an old Mistral Equipe until a few years back. At the time I was able to waterstart and get on the plane but never got into the straps (I know - weird) so I was some kind of beginner to 'begintermediate' in sailing skills.

Current Situation -
I had in mind to get a GO board if I could get my hands on a used one, then I recently ran across a 2002 X-186 formula at a local board swap and rashly purchased it thinking it would be something like a GO board. I only found out after that the board is not 186 Litres but is actually 155L. I haven't had a chance to get out on it yet but from what I have read in here from posts made way back in 2003, I've made a grave mistake in that bigger sails than I have are likely needed, and a 155 L formula board probably isn't the best place to start learning to sail again. I'm 95kgs and 180 cms tall.

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