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Default Isonic 117 Wide 2011 - Trouble shooting


since a year I own a 117 wide and sail it with a 8.6 + Select 45 and 7,8 + 42. I am around 85 kg. I am an experienced windsurfer (25 years since I learned) and have always sailed Slalom / Race boards.

Since I bought this board I have never felt comfortable on it, previously I owned a Isonic 111 and loved it, but was looking for a low wind board (117w) combined with a smaller isonic (97).

Specific problem is it seems I do not find the right stance and feeling on the board, basically I find myself doing all pressure with the back foot as my front foot just kind of floats on the board not being able to push do any pressure on it. In higher winds I have trouble keeping the front foot inside the strap, feels like is pushed out of the strap, and I find myself trying different body positions to correct it. Have tryied to lower boom and move the base position but does not help much.

I am a size 42 (8.5) and find the footstraps at their closest position too big, I like to ride on the edge of the board.

Is this becasuse I am used to paralel footstrap position? Isonic 111 was sweet and comfortable ... 97 is also nice to ride ...

I am a bit fustrated and thinking of selling the board.

Any tips anyone?

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