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The 117Wide is monoconcave with smaller tail and good tailkick. In other words compared to the more conservative designs you will experience the nose to rise faster (like iS111 and iS97). But when taking a less raked fin/longer fin to lower the nose you get another problem (to much taillift and lifting front foot).

The solution can be found in a shorter stiffer fin with not too much rake, a good custom findesigner should be able to help you out. Or maybe one of the sponsored guys can help, but be sure the rider that recommends has the same weight!!! Beside that I would advice a lower boom position compared to what you would expect (based on previous experience). And maybe additional use a slightly forward postion of masttrack compared to your previous experience.

Or just buy the iS107 and you will recognize this fits better to your previous experience (only faster). The iS117W is very fast in a very wide range, but only once you tamed the beast though .
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