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Default Isonic 117 Wide 2011 - Trouble shooting

Thanks for your messages ....

Lower boom: there is not much room to lower the boom considering is a board for low wind where a high boom position is normally recomended, and consider the boards base rail is lowered for a low gravity center. I have tried to lower it a bit but for low wind position is not comfortable.

Bigger fin: on Starboard site the fin range is 38 - 46 for a sail range 7.0 - 9.2 so I guess 8.6 with 45 should be fine.

Base position: I have read both forward and backward ... ?

Downhaul: I guess downhaul has to do with the wind power more than with the board feeling ?

Fin Rake ... I can not afford to experiment with fins, just need a board that I can plug to my fin and rig and works fine, might not be the fastest combination, but I should not find myself in funny stances or fighting against the board

Any more comments please?

Any Starboard staff or rider advise ?

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