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Default ultrasonic and futura 122 to be switched with IS but which one?

Hi all, finally found a carbo US 147, fantastic board and as Remi already advised I have replaced my futura 144 (sold) and 162, in fact, I sail with US from 12 with 10 knots to 16-max18 knots with 8,6. Here is my question for you all
I have a futura 122, love it (but is the heavy technora 2011 (please don't do anymore a monolithic hull) plus I have experienced a very scary and dangerous loss of control in 20 knots with 7,2 and standard 42 venom fin don't understand dynaamics, probably too tired), and I want to change it with isonic for medium-hiwinds (two boards quiver), with futura I can hardly uphaul (waterline at the knees... if waterstart is no more possible)

my weight is 105 kg x 187cm

my sails are vapor 12, point7AC1 9.3, AC1 8.6, ACK 7,2 (3cam), AC0 6,1(nocam)
which (used) isonic should I choose?
2011 107 ?
2011 117 (75cm)?
2011 117wide?
2011 122?

I plan to sail it from 16 knots to 30 knots with 8,6 to 6.1 in harad chop or 0.5-1 m regular waves

I would not consider to keep futura 122 and have a purely high wind board for simplicity
any advice is appreciated
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