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Default IS110 - Medium/Heavy weight - 8.6ish sail

Who has experience with the IS110 in combination with a 8.6ish sail and weighs around 87-90 kg (191-198 lbs) ?

I'm 87 kg and use quite often my 8.8 sail on my IS122 when the wind is stable enough.
It's a super combo. When the wind drops off a bit, I usually go for my US147 with the same 8.8 sail.
But it happens from time to time, when the wind drops off too suddenly, that I need to uphaul the 8.8 on my IS122. Especially when the water is still very cold, I'm not eager to wait and waterstart. Although the IS122 has a real volume of only 114L, I still can manage to uphaul the sail, but it is on the edge.

Now, how about the IS110, which has even 4L less ?
It troubles me a bit.

Anyone with experience ?
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147
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