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Default RE: How to sail the Isonic 101 ?

Hmm... I'm lighter than you, so I would be on a smaller sail. I guess I would say keep working at it. My first few times going out on my iSonic 105 when on a smaller sail (and in chop) weren't what I would call dialed in. I don't mean to say I wasn't enjoying myself, but I could tell I wasn't capitalizing on the speedy reputation of the iSonic line. After a season, I am more confident I'm closer to maximizing my speed on this board. Chop, I found, is a key inhibitor for me too.

Ian talks about having to be more of an active participant when sailing the iSonics. Roger Jackson talks about letting the board have more freedom findings its own way.

One question I have... What position are your footstraps and your mast track? Whenever I find the board is bouncing more than I like, I move the mast a bit forward to settle things. Being lighter than you, I probably do this sooner than most. Ian mentions setting the straps in the center holes for a compromise (farther back for speed, farther forward for control). I have yet to try moving my straps forward, so I can't talk about how helpful that gem is.

NOT a recommendation... just my experience... Whenever I'm fully powered up on my iS105, I'm using my 34cm fin (or a 30cm fin I bought for my 4.8 or a weed fin at Hatteras). I find I have a good amount of my weight on my back foot and my front foot is just stabilizing the board a bit. I usually feel that my front foot isn't doing much and if I could get more pressure on my front foot I would gain in control and maybe speed.

Again, parroting what I heard from Ian on this forum, he talks about shifting weight a bit forward and letting the board really take off. It is scary at first, but worth the reward. Do you think this might translate to standing up on the board more than the traditional stance?

Hopefully others will chime in on this (or correct me). Being so light (140-145pounds) I usually have different experiences with boards than others. I only chimed in because you are closer to my weight than others asking this sort of question.
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