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Default RE: Select fin for isonic

Sorry SteveC, missed your response. I guess I'm anal (and I enjoy the analysis of the equipment). I usually take two sessions to figure out a combination of board/sail/fin. I'll come in a few times throughout a day of sailing and play with things, but if I go out for an hour or two I'll problably not switch fins or tweak anything more than my outhaul setting. So, yeah, it does take me a bit to get things right. So, for the iSonic 105, I took 4-5 sessions for my 4.8, 3 sessions for my 5.6, 1 for my 6.6, 2 for my 8.0. I used to have a 7.7 V8 that I used a few times. I went out in some winds that were too light for it and wasted my time, but still, that increased the session count. Once I was fully powered up, I hit the mark with the 7.7 on the first try. Now, I am taking these same sails out when the winds aren't too strong. I want to figure out the low end thresholds for these sails on this board.

So, that's over 10 sessions for powered up conditions dealing with tuning for chop and fin choice. Now I'm doing the light wind tuning for power and fin choice, so I figure I'll have another 5 or so sessions to find the wind minimums for most of my sails (not the 4.8).

My goal with getting the iSonic 105 was to find one board to take me from my F-Type 148 (for my 9.8 & 8.0) to my 91L AHD Convert 60 (for my 4.8 & 5.6). That means I need to cover a very large range of conditions. I guess this might not apply to others, but it was one of the key selling points when I was looking at the iSonic line. I guess I figured this would be a key criteria for others too.
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