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Default SB Phantom 320

i have been using my old longboards for the last two(2) years - in lite winds < 12 knots
they have both seen better days

so, i started looking about - for something reasonable and affordable for a heavyweight
i narrowed it down to the SB Phantom 320 and lately was looking at AHD Tactik
one person told me the 320 is not available in 2013 and is made of ASA for North America
and a local dealer is suggesting the 295 - which i feel is for lighter sailors ie < 80 kgs

1) is the 320 NO longer available in North America - as of 2012?
2) is/was that model made of ASA
3) is the 295 appropriate for a heavyweight of 100 kilos?

the 377 batwing model is too $$$ and is aimed at rich batpeople

thanx in advance
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