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Default RE: Select fin for isonic

Hi o2bnme,

Looking back, I thought my above response might have been a bit too divisive. I must admit, I worried a bit about that later. However, in light of your comments about, I can now better understand why you might have been a more expansive in your adjustment period. I work off a 5 board quiver, so my relative use margins aren't always that great. Also, my footstrap options are usually fixed, or may at best include maybe a added front inboard location on my biggest boards (one that I'm usually not that fond of for slalom or freeride boards). Nevertheless, when I target a broad range of conditions and sails, I play with fins and mast track position to find an optimum balance, especially since weedfins can be a part of my world. Yet, I have to be frank that I'm not a fan of adjusting boom height. I like a fairly high position, but it's interesting to note that my positioning between slalom and wave type sails differs greatly between the two different sail designs. I've kind of concluded that the position of cutout varies between the two designs formats. I have always been sailing Bill Hansen's sail designs (originally Windwing and now Hansen Sails), so I've found some reliable consistency that I can readily depend on.

In hindsight, my apologies for any possible downside that might have been a possible outgrowth of my earlier post. Sometimes we wear our own blinders, and don't necessarily see with as broad a perspective as we sometimes should.
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