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I've tested yesterday for the first time the Futura 111/technora in 15-19 knots. Standard Drake 40 fin.
I used the older NP V8 freerace 7.5 sail (2 cambers) on it which was a perfect match for the board.
My conclusions are very positive and I want to compare them with my isonics.

What you can feel right away is that the futura rides a lot softer than the Isonic. Partly because of the technora perhaps, but certainly you also feel the effect of the narrower tail that cuts well through the chop. When planing at full speed it is super stable and absorbs the shocks with ease. It rides like on autopilot. Chop hopping is a lot of fun on the Futura.

I also felt the drawside of the narrower tail clearly, i.e. on reasonably flat water, I'm definitely slower on this board c/w my Isonics, I'm coming slower out of the jibes and I need to push the board more downwind to get it onto the plane. You also feel the lulls much more c/w an isonic. The latter tends to plane easier through them.

When it comes to jibing, I found that the Futura jibes easy, but I prefer the way how my Isonics 101 and 122 jibe, i.e. they jibe much sharper and more pronounced. A full speed jibe is much more of a thrill on an Isonic than on a Futura. With my Isonics, I'm 100% confident that they won't slip out of the carve and I cannot say the same of the Futura. Coming out of the jibe on an Isonic is with much more speed and guaranteed planing, that's for sure. I also tried a few laydown jibes yesterday, but I didn't seem to get them right, the way I wanted.

So according to me the Futura is really a very nice and easy board, but there is a price that needs to be payed for the higher comfort c/w the Isonic.
I think I made a good choice for my son, who still could not try the board until now. Yesterday he had to study for his exams and the weeks/months before it has been exceptionally cold in Belgium/Holland. Not normal for the time of the year.

IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147

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