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Default RE: How to sail the Isonic 101 ?

I'm a wave sailor and have no previous slalom experience. I got the iS101 last summer and coming from wave gear the transistion was kind of big. What I noticed (and this may be totally different with more experienced sailors) was that I had to play around quite a bit with boom height. I ended up using it fairly high. I also agree with o2bnme about trying to move the mast track forwards a bit. Theoretically, further back maight be faster, but I did some GPS experimenting and I seem to go faster when not placing the mast so far back. I also try to use the "scary technique" that 02bnme talks about, ie lean forwards a bit. In less powered up conditions I also use the front foot to trim the board, ie lift with it a bit sometimes to make the board run as freely as possible. I've also found, that at my ability, to much sail power does not nessacarily mean more speed.

Overall, I think the iS101 is wonderfully easy to use even for a slalom novice as me.
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