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Default Which to chose with 7.8- iS 107, 117 or 117 wide


I searched for similar threads but didn't quite find one that suited my question.

I'm 87kg (I do a lot of gym and running) and wanted to buy a slalom board. My main interest in windsurfing are waves but when the wind is light I like to jump on a slalom kit some time and due to the really bad season for waves this year on my homespot I wanted to buy some slalom equipment for myself to be able to sail in weaker winds.

I already have a good boom and mast (460) as my brother rarely uses his kit so I use it more often and I wanted to make a low cost kit with just buying a slalom board and sail (with 460 mast the choice would be probably 7.8 as 8.6 requires 490).

My main concerns are:

1. What board should I buy to sail in flat/choppy/wavy (sometimes) conditions with 7.8 sail considering my weight (87kg)?

2. What range could I get from 7.8 paired with 107 iSonic, 117 iSonic and iSonic 117 wide? I mean what could be the smallest wind for me to get plaining in (knots)? I think that I have enough experience to handle the kit as this is my 13th season and I already tried some slalom and formula kits before and I really liked it. I also sailed a lot in light winds on bigger kits (also freeride rigs).

3. What fin should I chose for the board that would suit the 7.8?

4.Maybe I should buy a carbon mast extender and go for a bigger sail? (however the mast I have is X6 80% carbon (low cost option is the only option for me as mentioned before)? Will the carbon extender work anyhow with 80% carbon mast anyway?

5. Maybe some older model like the iSonic 122 would be ok for me with 7.8 (it would also be cheaper)?

Sorry for so many questions

All Best!
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