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Bummer, looks like the resin didn't saturate through all the glass and wood. I punched a small hole in the deck of my formula board (knot on the uphaul), plus I also had two hairline cracks show up on the bottom of my iSonic, about 5cm long (no damage, just cracks - stress?).

For all of the above repairs, I cut out the damaged area (more or less in a circle), to see how far the damage/cracks ran, all the way to the foam. I then filled in with copped up glass, and small pieces of glass, plus epoxy until the hole was filled. Then another piece of glass on top (the deck damage only) and resin. All seems to be holding up. The bottom I sanded to get it flush, then painted with appliance paint.

It may be hard to determine how much of your deck isn't saturated with resin even if you cut out an area. However, I would start with fingernail size holes.

You could also just dab on some epoxy where the leaks are (it will stick well), and keep checking for leaks before cutting through the deck. I would probably try this first.

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