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Default First Impressions of 2013 US147 (Ultrasonic)

Just thought I would give you all my first impressions of the board from my first outing.

Having owned the first incarnation of this board that is what I am going to compare it to.

First off I don't think it planes quite as early but there really isn't a lot in it, this may have something to do with the new tail cut outs?

It definitely feels more alive and trims from rail to rail giving a more exciting ride, I was using the same sail as on previous board and both had the mast foot dead centre.

Definitely feels more comfortable to ride and this may have been down to the new wingers.

Lastly I would like to add that I think the board is faster, well it feels faster, don't know if that is to do with the more lively ride. Will get some speeds when I get my GPS working.

Would be interesting to know what it feels like with Starboards new line of 'Ready to Race' fins but as usual there has been a total balls up even though I gave my dealer the part numbers but that's another story........
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