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I also had my first sail on a 2013 Ultrasonic having had the 2012 before. Initial sail was in very marginal wind, I also felt the board was slower to plane than the 2012. It felt quite sticky, around the forward footstraps before it would fully release and accelerate.
Once planning the board sailed nose high, with a good trim over the rough sea I sailed in. This I felt was better than the 2012. Gybing was easier.
Need more time to compare, but initial impression is that most aspects improved at the expense of early planning.
Second sail today. Again very choppy and very marginal at first. I still find the board is slower on to the plane than the 2011/2012. I am talking about wind where you are slogging most of the time and a few gusts come along and active pumping is required to have any chance of planning. There are boards from other manufacturers that plane earlier. Bigger sustained gusts, it planes easily. Once planning the board is fast, rear strap position is greatly improved, great in choppy conditions. In my opinion the upwind and gybing is better than the previous version.
I guess you can't get everything in one package, but as light wind boards go, overall pretty good and slalom board speed.
Sail was a 2013 Racing 9.6, 57 and 58cm fins, 96kg sailor, back strap in the middle, front strap all the way back
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