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Default RE: big sails wide boards

the boards a good choice, you cant beat the wide boards for planing,
the sail, i dont think is great choice , I do not own any newer big no cams ( a naish 6.0 only ),
they just dont have the power ive seen the luff sleeves ona few norths no cams, I was not impressed.
the luff sleeves were cut tight and narrow and needed alot of power to get them to form a good foil IMHO.
You need to have a cammed sail for draft/ depth/camber and ....power to use in light airs.
I am 195 lbs and have an old starboard 155, now its not that wide, in fact pretty narrow by today standards.
With it my sail of choice a Naishs Alana 2 cam!........... not the racy'ist of sails but a deep , deep, draft, set that way in lighter airs, top end is very limited but its got power in the low end to pop the board onto a plane.....
in even lower winds i have a prototype 9.5 ( dont knwo the brand its got a kangagroo sticker on it , alot more power but alot less comfortable /controlable B)
shredulato out ...
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