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Hi Unregistered,

I understand that you're comparing between the 2013 version and the previous version, but regardless of this I think that your 9.6 is rather small for your weight in marginal conditions.
I'm 87kg and I use a 10.9 with a 64cm fin in these marginal conditions. It still makes a difference of a few knots earlier planing c/w my 8.8 sail. I compare my 8.8 with your 9.6 regarding our weight difference.
My 8.8 starts planing from +/- 11-12 knots while the 10.9 starts from 8 knots, almost no pumping.

With my 10.9 in marginal conditions, I also put my mastfoot all the way back. For me it makes a considerable difference.

Anyhow, I also heard from some friends that the JP SLW starts planing a bit earlier at the expense of the "slalom feeling". It's like you said, you can't have it all in 1 package.

Well I guess sail size really depends on your level of skill/sailing? With my weight and sail I can plane earlier than lighter people using sails up to 10.7 also on Ultrasonics.
Most current(2013) 9.6 race sails are built for heavy sailors over 90kg and min PWA wind speeds(8knots)........try one.
Many 11m formula sails are designed for medium to strong wind.

I certainly don't need 11-12 knots, nor a 64cm fin to plane, with my 9.6 on a super light wind board.

I have owned several of them and sailed them all, each has it's plus points and negative points, they are all good and transform light wind sailing.

So in my opinion, the earliest planning(at min wind) is the Exocet RS7 close behind is JP SLW(Gold), then the Ultrasonic 2011/2012 followed by the Ultrasonic 2013 and the Falcon 152 close together. For top speed, the Exocet RS7 followed by the Ultrasonic 2013/Falcon152, Ultrasonic 2011/2012 followed by the JP SLW.
For control and ease of sailing in rough seas, Ultrasonic 2103/Falcon 152, Ultrasonic 2011/2012, followed by the JP SLW and then the most technical the RS7

If I wanted to use a big heavy 10.7/11m, I would have kept my formula board which does without question planes a touch earlier in min wind than any of these boards.
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