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Originally Posted by jw xxx View Post
i find it odd that you speak about REALLY large sails and slalom in the same discussion
9.6 too small ?? some people doe not wanna go bigger !!

the US 147 is aimed at ??
thought early planing was the primal goal - with less of a Formula feel
speed was just an added benefit - or so i thought
speed at the cost of early planing does NOT sound like a good plan to me

and yes - there is quite a dilemma over JP SLW vs SB US
for me speed is less of an issue and length is important as well for tacking
many speed "freaks" definitely prefer the US 147 and i can understand that
less early planing just takes this board OFF my short liste :-(
JW xxx, to try to answer your question, it really depends on the conditions you sail in. If its flat water, inland and want the earliest planning, take the Exocet RS7 or the JP SLW. If you happen to have rough sea conditions but light wind, both the Ultrasonics and Falcon 152 are the easiest to sail. If the wind was constant and you had enough power, then both these boards plane easily and early, so to put it into context, its just at the very threshold of planing that you need to work a bit harder. Technique such as pumping down a swell etc can make the difference.

The Ultrasonic is longer than the SLW, but the SLW is the easiest to tack of all the boards, it feels much bigger than any of the others and perhaps aimed more towards the recreational/less skilled sailor. But it is still a pretty potent light wind board that covers most conditions pretty well.
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