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and you mentioned the Exocet RS7 ....

there is another version of the SLW which is the SLW92 and it is 250 cm long. It is to be just as fast, as early a planer and as you mention - just as user friendly

the RS7 is a board i hear little about and cannot find it listed in US not Canada
glad you have shared info on it !!!!!
No experience with the SLW92, I have read that it can be pretty fast in the right conditions. Since its positioned more towards the intermediate sailor by JP with an outline a bit like a formula, it was not what I was looking for in a super lightwind slalom board.

Maybe one day the PWA will see sense and allow these 90cm+ wide slalom boards in competition. Far less cancelled heats and sitting on the beach as they push the wind minimums lower, which can't be bad for the sponsors
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