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I'm not convinced that a 9.6 is as powerful as a 10.9.
Getting onto the plane with it, yes. But pointing upwind, doubtful.
I probably plane as early with my 8.8 & 58 fin as with my 10.9 & 64 fin in marginal conditions, but then often after 1 rack + a jibe, I need to slog back to the point where I started off. Something that I hate.
In PWA slalom races, they don't have this problem too much because they go slightly downwind all the time.

On the other hand, I you take a sail that has a lot of low-end power (typically a light wind 2-cambered free race sail) you can quickly get overpowered when suddenly the wind picks up. I had this often with my 9.5 freerace sail which I sold because of this reason.
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