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Originally Posted by OZI View Post
Hi mate, this is my 2 cents worth.
1. 121/122 and 7.8 ( better lower end).
2. Or the 107/ 7.8. ( better higher end).
3. Spend more dollars and get the 110 and an 8.6 with your extender ( I would also get a 7.8 and you you would have lower and higher wind covered).
Good luck with what you decide.

Cheers Ozi.
I agree with the above comments, but I'd skip the IS122 and get the Is107 or the IS110. I have experience with both the 122 and 107 and IMO the 107 is a much better board. I have the IS110 on order so I'll have an idea how it compares with the 107 shortly. If you can find a used 107 and a 127 or a 97 and a 117 wide for roughly the same price as a new Isonic then I would go that route. Buy good used sails from sizes 6.2 to 9.5 (6.2, 7.0, 7.8 or an 8.2 and a 9.2 or 9.5) and you'll be covered for most "normal" conditions. If you're willing to look you can find great used equipment or a fraction of the price of new.
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