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Because of these problems, I have not purchased Deboichet fins for a long time, even though the R16 and the SL4 are probably the best in the market at what they do, respectively.
For those who want to understand the situation: Jean-Jacques D. and Oriana divorced, and J.J.D. went to Thailand, where he now heads a department at Cobra, while Oriana has kept the company, and is now running it, apparently not better than before.
Long delivery periods have been the norm at Deboichet since the beginning, even though there have been times when they delivered within just a few weeks. I once ordered a couple of SL2s, and delivery time was quite fast (about a month). Oriana did not follow my instructions to choose the cheaper shipping option, and when I complained about it and asked for reimbursement of the difference in cost, she did refund me. I have NEVER seen a Deboichet that had a quality issue (I bought 5 second hand, in addition to the 2 that I purchased from Oriana, and many of my friends have Deboichets), other than the brass nuts being loose, which is a perennial problem with those fins.
So, I would advise those who are patient to order without qualms, but be prepared to wait for a long time, and glue the brass nuts when they receive them; those who cannot (or don't want to) wait for several months, should look elsewhere. I have tried Vector fins (only the G10s, as getting carbon ones was impossible): IMHO there are better ones out there, and according to our local dealer, their delivery time sucks. So if Jose (nonopr) has stock, ordering from him might be faster than ordering from Jeff.
As a conclusion: fins manufacturers are craftsmen, not people who run companies, build inventories, and have efficient logistics. In many cases, you have only 2 guys designing, making and marketing the fins. If you want very good fins, in most cases, you'll have to wait (how about Kashy delivery times?).
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