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Default Futura or Isonic?


I'm a 25 years old and I've been windsurfing since I'm little but these last few years I've stopped a little bit because of University. But after windsurfing 2 weeks in Safaga I really want to get back into it!

I currently own a 2000 AHD freediamond 70 and was thinking of maybe upgrading it.

I'm weighting 75kg, I've got a good average level (planning/jibing) and I'm going to be mostly sailing in 8-16 knots on a lake.

I was thinking about the Isonic 110 with sails 7.8-8.5 but I was wondering if the board is not too technical as it's a top racing board? If it is too technical I probably would go with a futura.

So I would like to know if I would enjoy the isonic without being a amazing windsurfer?

Thanks in advance,

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