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Sébastien C
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Originally Posted by jw xxx View Post
how big is the lake?
winds consistent ie in direction and speed - not too many wind shadows??
reason i ask - for me longboards work best on the smaller lakes
bigger lakes mean shortboards
Futura is now freerace from what i understand and feel you cannot go wrong with that
for your weight 8-16 knots is about 6.5 to 12.5 {HUGE RANGE}
7.8-8.5 meter sail size is about 12 knots wind
would guess a Futura 121 would do you well - depending on lake size, skills, etc
however, will let the experts give you more precise advise
Thanks for your time,

The lake is around 1km wide and well exposed. As it's not too windy in Belgium I would most of the time use 7.8 and bigger. I've no doubt the futura is a good board but I might as well buy an isonic if they are not too difficult to use.
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