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Sébastien C
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Originally Posted by mark h View Post
Hi Seb

99% of iSonic owners are NOT amazing riders (me included). 1% of iSonic riders are amazing riders. But this does not mean that you can not have fast fun on the same equipment as that 1%. Its an amazing feeling riding the same kit as the PWA stars.

You are an experienced windsurfer and you will have no problem riding iSonics in light/medium winds on Belgium lakes, they are not mega difficult like the old slalom kit

For a 75kg rider, I reckon the iS110/7.8/8.5 will be pretty much perfect, especially with two good modern fins.

Go for it
Thanks for your advice!

I'll probably go for it then as it seems that it is a really good board!

If anyone have used both models I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.


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