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Almost correct! Bruce Swift AKA Brucie/Sinbad/Sailswift. and about 50-60+ other aliases is not
nor never was Lee D.
LeeD, was/is from San Francisco, was /is probably still around, and he was an anathema
here on the Starboard forums when Tor Bakke and I first got this forum started.
In fact, I think Lee D was the only person that was ever banned in the early years. We had no registration, SPAM was not so much a problem, and we had great discussions and lots of activity.
I actually met Lee D once in Alameda, CA while traveling with "A Taste of Windsurfing". A very opinionated
guy, yes, but also knowledgeable and basically a nice guy and very helpful to those just starting out in the sport.

Brucie; Sinbad and like 56 other names, AKA Robert Swift, RIP

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