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The varied nature of the several sports we collectively call windsurfing and the complexity of each of those "windsurfing" sports puts forum posters in a situation that almost guarantees some of their words will be misunderstood. And it will be easy for the first poster to not recognize when the second poster did not understand.

I often thought many of LeeD's verbal fights partially came from his tendency to assume both he and the other poster were talking about the same area of windsurfing when, in fact, they were not.

Another part of the nature of windsurfing builds disagreement on forums. The more I learn about windsurfing the more it appears to be a precise sport. Making a small adjustment can quickly move a sailor from fine cruising to planing. When we can make the necessary adjustment in our own sailing to move to planing that precision can easily make each of us think we know the answer. But being able to exactly describe that answer and make it understandable to forum readers is more difficult than learning how to do a carving jibe.
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