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Smile What's your experience on the Quad Setups?

Hi everyone,

i recently updated my quiver with a 92 Quad for light wind wave riding. Coming from a Fanatic New Wave Twin with 84 liters i was pretty amazed by the quad. Comparing to what i sailed before, i found that the board gave me a lot of confidence, especially when putting it on rail and hitting the wave in critical sections.

Until now i only tried it in the "sideshore setting". Conditions with pretty upright waves and light wind. Lots of grip and drive. I had the back fins right in the middle of the box and i think i will put them further forward to get a bit more release next time

I already ordered a set of twin fins to use when its windy and nothing really to hit. See how that goes ...

I'm quite keen to to know what your experiences are with all those setups

- big fins in the front
- big fins in the back
- twin fin

Can't wait you read your comments


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