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Default RE: Is Starboard F-type good for me?

Hi marek,

For many years I was quite dedicated to cambered sails, but I find that I now actually prefer no cams. I like the ease of rigging, they're much friendlier to jibe, and not as mast specific. Also, they fare better in a surf environment. As 02bnme so rightly pointed out, modern no cams are very stable and pretty rangy overall. That wasn't always the case, but sail design has come a long way. For someone getting a start in the sport, no cam sails are really the best choice. Keeping things simple and avoiding the rigging and tuning subtleties in cambered sails makes a lot of sense.

However, there is a path to follow where you can have cams or no cams in your sail. Bill Hansen of Hansen Sails offers a sail line, the FreeRace HCL, that is designed to be used with or without cams. You can go with 0, 1, 2 or 3 cams. Really, the best of all worlds. For more information on these sails, check out the following website.

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