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Default What sail to use with a Starboard Formula 159

Hi everyone,

I would love some help. I have been windsurfing sicne I was a kid, but only a few times a year. So I am no expert when it comes to material but I can surf ok. A few years back I bought a Starboard Formula 159. I like the fact that it stable. Feels like I'm on a boat ;-)

I have always just sailed it with the sails I had (NP and NAISH sails up to 6.0m2) I know 6m2 is technically too small for the board but it always went quite ok as long as there was enough wind. (3-4BFT) Im a lightweight guy of 60KG.

But since the newer sails are leighter these days I think I can safely try a 7.5m2 sail and hold it. I tried a few of my friends' sails (NP V8 7.5 and Gaastra Matrix 7.5) and that went well. I want to get a 7.5 sail so that I can windsurf more often even with lesser wind. All I basically do is surf up and down sweet/flat water without waves.

I am hoping you guys can tell me what sails I could choose that would go well with my board. I'm not looking to go pro and it doesnt have to be teh best perfect fit, but just as long as I dont pick a sail that -doesnt- go well with the board. I don't need to go 1000km/hour. The speed I surf with right now with my 6.0m2 and this board is fast enough. I just want to be able to surf more often. (in less wind)

Could I for example get a 7.5m2 NP V8 or a Gaastra Matrix? Or are there other sails you would recommend. Sails that I might be able to find second hand?

Thanks on forehand for any suggestions, they are very much appreciated.

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