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Lightbulb From S-Type to Future - what sizes compare?


I've been happy on my S-type 116 for quite some years, using it with my 7.0 cambered Freerace sail as sweetspot, also using 8.0 for lighter winds and accidentally 6.0 if it's too inconsistent wind to use my smaller board.

Now, thinking about replacing it with Futura or Carve, I'm looking at the sizes against the recommended sail sizes;
The Future 111 is 4.5 cm wider (64 vs 69.5) but would recommend a lower sail-range than I had hoped for, (Max 8.0, making this option not ideal for 7.0 as optimum desired sweetspot)

The Future 121 would come close to the desired sailrange I think, but it's 8 cm wider then my current board! This makes me wonder if I'm currently using a too small board for these sails (yes, it's small for the 8.0, but feels very well balanced on the 7.0), or if modern boards are so much wider...?
If so, isn't that width getting in the way on choppy water and when reaching topspeed? Also, I guess it would make you use bigger fins, which isn't always desired (shallow waters / feeling lumpy).

Can anybody make some sense on this for me?
I'm well experienced 85 kg, windsurinf on flat to choppy water when using this board.
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