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I'm 180 to 185 pounds (82 kilos). I sail relatively flat water and the 110 should fulfill my needs better than my 107 (which I really like). It took awhile to receive the board, but was worth the wait. The 110 is fast on a reach and is extremely good upwind and off the wind. IMO there's no comparison between it and the 122 -- I like the 110 much better. I have the carbon version of the 110 and it is extremely light and feels very responsive on the water -- definitely a keeper.

It is my impression that the 110 has a more "formula" feel to it than the 107. This could be good or bad depending what you're looking for in a board. I've owned and sailed formula boards and it seems to me that Starboard has successfully combined many of the positive attributes of a formula board in a relatively small slalom package. The downside is that the 110 appears to be a little tougher to control in overpowering gusts. I would chose the 107 in big winds if my only other choice was the 110 and the 110 over the 107 for all other conditions.

The footstrap setup on the 110 is quite radical -- the rear footstrap is located right on the edge of the rear winger. For anyone used to the Isonics this won't be a problem. Also the deck concave on the 110 is more spread out and this makes it easier to insert the mast foot and twist it to tighten it down. The deep Tuttle box for the fins is a nice touch and it will easily take both deep and normal Tuttle fins. It comes with four screws for the fins (two longer ones for the normal fins and two shorter for the deep fins). Where you insert the screw is still recessed like the 107 so the tail must be pretty thick to take a deep Tuttle fin and still have the screws lowered into the board before you tighten them.

I'm not sure if the tail cutaways, the double wingers etc. actually effect the board's overall sailing characteristics in a positive way, but they sure look radical and the 110's performance is very impressive.

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