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Question Change Futura 122 for new board ?


I own a FU 122 (2009), like the board but consider to replace it for a new board a bit wider (my FU is wide 72 cm and 47 cm. OFO) and/or more volume. Reason is my weight (98 kg) and that I often surf on lakes and when there is less wind the board is a floater for me or stops planing. Of course losing some weight (10 kg) would be an option, but I think I won't manage that.

So what about :
- FU 133 (wide 76 cm., OFO 50 cm. and 11 lt. more volume)
- IS 117 (wide 75 cm., OFO 53, the 2012 or 2011 version, but less volume)

Problem is that my FU 122 is my smallest board (own also a Futura 141, maybe later upgrade to an US 147), I sail it mostly with 7.8 m2. (4 Bft) or 6.7 m2. (5 Bft) both Neil Pryde rs:slalom sails. A new board must be able to handle 6.7 m2. (and 5.8 m2. (6 Bft) would also be nice).

So what are the differences with a FU 133 and IS 117 ? For exemple planing, topspeed, control ??? I heard that Isonic is better in control with big sails and overpowerd, also not very difficult to sail (I sail for about 30 years so no problem I think).

Need some advice. Thanks for any reply !

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