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Well, sure, and the Speed Freak is a freerace design and the 7.5 is close enough to 7.8 that I'm good with it. I like the 8.5 Speed Freak on the 107 because the sail is substantially lighter than a race design and I feel like that helps with early planing.

I guess my question is less of an iSonic question and more of a speed sailing one...

Last time I had a slalom race board was ~15 years ago, and I felt like it would take my NP Z1 sails to their upper limit but not beyond. The 107 seems quite ready to take an underpowered 7.5 through it's range and into an extremely overpowered mode, because of board speed generating so much apparent wind.

Options then would be:
• the 8.5 is the right sail for what I would previously have thought of as 9.5-10.0 conditions
• the 7.5 is right for the "old" 8.5
• really really does need a full-on speed sail for maximum top end control, and the board is so quick that you will go there whether you want to or not!

Thus, I guess the proper question is if people feel the current iSonics are lowering their minimums for a given sail (i.e., it's best to pick a sail that needs good pumping technique to get planing), or if the minimums are similar but top-end is so quick that it requires very flat set of the same size sail as before (my 7.0 Z1 was kind-of like that)? Or both?

Again, hat's off to the design team as the 107 is a phenomenal board, in speed, handling and ease of upwind/downwind (OK the downwind ride is quite exciting in chop, as the low mast base gets the nose a bit lower than is comfy - haven't pearled-in yet, but I can see it takes concentration not to do that!!).

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