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Hi Jean-Marc,

Thanks for your reply ! Wide boards (80 cm of more) are more lightwind boards I thought but you say IS 117 wide (80 cm) is also suitable for 5 Bft with 7.8 m2. sails (killer combo). Almost can't believe that (maybe in flat and not very choppy conditions ?) but would be very nice , so IS 117 small (75 cm) would be for sure an option because even more control (I presume, I have no experience with IS).

Problem stays the volume for heavyweight when the wind decreases. Why is Starboard making more and more boards wider with less volume ? I guess for better sailing (planing, control etc). But for instance the IS 127 and 137 are good exemples, same width but more volume so better suitable for heavyweights. IS 110 though is wide 75 cm., but as we know only 110 litre and for heavyweigts in nonplaning situations a real sinker. Would be nice also to have an IS 120 wide 75 cm ? But for PWA sailing less suitable probably ... that's what IS's are made for I understood.

For now I think still a FU 131 is for me a better option, if the board is suitable for 5 Bft also in choppy conditions. The FU 131 has far more volume then the IS 117 small, also +/- 75 cm. width and +/- 50 cm. OFO ! I think these 2 boards are a bit lookalikes (at least the outlines), IS will be better upwind and a bit more control in overpowered situations probable (bigger sails) but FU 131 has advantage of more volume for heavyweight. Has anyone experience with the FU 131 or even the IS 117 small ???

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