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I'm a light rider (63 Kg), i bought an used carve 90 (04), how many knots need to plane whith 5,8 sail freeride?

I fear Haiko is a bit off the mark here...

With my 65 kg, I need the following wind speed to start and sustain the planing :
12 knots : Carve 111/32 cm freeride fin or Kombat 86/30 cm freeride fin, both with a NP Jet 6.9 sail.
15 knots : same boards and fins as above, both with a NP NR 6.2 sail.
18 knots : Carve 111/25 cm freestyle fin/26 cm slalom fin or Kombat 86/24 cm wave fin, both with a NP NR 5.4 sail.

For you, my guess is somewhere between 16 and 17 knots...

Cheers !

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