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Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Rww,

For 2014 we made a new Phantom 295 L who have 30 liters more than the version that try Tony with bigger dagger board and fin. Due to the length of the 320 she still have an advantage but very small now while in planing condition the 295 is faster and way more fun. On top of that you can go up wind with out dagger board over 15 knots but absolutely can't with the 320.
This board and me will be in Martigues for the French Championship from 17 august this year.

Also you are only 63 kgs and you will be much more comfortable in a wide wind range compare to the 320. For guys over 80/85 the 320 is the better choice.

Hope this help.

All the best
If I decide on the 295L, what sail size would you recommend.

Thanks Russell
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