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Default 2013 Futura 121 or 131 w/ 8,5m camber as light wind

Im 80kg, conditions are chop, fairly gusty. I have a 75L wave board and 100L JP Freestyle Wave, now looking to add a board that can help me get planing and have fun & speed on the water more often. I'm an intermediate surfer, get 85% of jibes right, always use outer position for foot straps etc.

To go with a 8,5 m2 camber sail mainly (some time 6,7m2) I am considering Futura 121 or 131?
I want the early planing, but am concerned 131 feels like a "very big board" before I have good enough for my Freestyle Wave. Or is the gap between 100L FSW and Futura 121 already big enough because of all the added width?

Any thoughts?
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