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Default carve or s type?

I have been recently using a carve 101 (borrowed from a friend) which i absolutely love for the following reasons: Stability, manouverability and general ease of use. I made a large drop in terms of volume from really a 140 ltr down to this board and i have been so impressed with how easy the carve 101 has made the transition. its also very good fun when your out there.

On the other hand i have been looking at the s-type 104.

My main question is whether i risk losing the things that i love about the carve in choosing this board! Bearing in mind that i am currently in the process of learning to carve gybe, (im well on my way but needs attention!)

I guess it may come down to a safe bet on the carve and the search for extra adrenaline when using the s-type!?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, James
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