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Default Isonic 107 vs. 110

Which board would be better for a 75 kg sailor using 7.6 & 8.2 slalom sails? Both boards list the same sail range & roughly same fin range but there is a 6 cm difference in width. Is the 110 designed for flat water & the 107 for chop or is the 107 for smaller sailors & the 110 for larger sailors in the same wind?

I currently have the Isonic 101 (64 cm) wide that is fine up to 7.6 for free sailing but in slalom races with 20+ sailors on the course creating a huge amount of dirty air the 101 is extremely slow to plane, especially out of jibes. My next board up is an 85 cm wide Fanatic Falcon 142 l that is fine with 7.6 sail for free sailing on flat water but becomes a handful when powered up in swells & chop with a 7.6.

Right now I'm leaning towards the 107 as the Falcon can handle the 7.6 if flat water. I'm not sure I would gain much from the Falcon with the 110 other than being able to use a 6.6 sail with it.


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