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Whole different ball game.

Probably the Falcon would perform better.

But these are conditions in which I would go for my IS122 +8.8 or even 7.8, depending on how gusty and choppy it would be. Mind that I'm not a professional racer.

I don't want to speak bad of the Falcon because I think it's also a really good board, probably comparable with the IS127.
I just wanted to point out that in light air conditions, it's sometimes better to be on a wider board with a bigger fin, depending on the course you want to do. If it would have been a typical Formula course race track, no doubt that a Formula would win the race.

Most of us fun riders do a reaching course, jibe and return to their starting point where they will jibe again.
It's actually a figure-8 course and there is always a bit of pointing involved. In light air I see so many times people take off on "too small" gear with a dazzling speed and then later have difficulties and need to slog back to their starting point.
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