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92 kg. (202 lbs.) the Carve 141 will have enough volume for you to uphaul on it (marginally) provided
you have pretty good technique and can stay in one spot on the board while uphauling (often difficult for
big guys to do in my experience).
Once you get on the Carve 141 or something similar and get fully planing, then come back and tell me that you will keep the Carve 141 for a long time. Wait and see...a whole new world of fun experiences awaits you.
You are going to have to upgrade your rig size to at least 8.5 meters to plane on the Carve in your stated wind speed. 9.0 would even be better.
Yes, I know, expensive new carbon (get the highest % carbon you can afford) and a good 8-5-9.5 m2 free race sail + a larger boom and you will be on your way.
It will be a challenge right at first, but stay with it and you will succeed and it will open a whole new world experiences for you.
Hope this helps,
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