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Default RE: F161 et choix aileron

Hi Remi,first of all thank you for your imputs.
Some more questions:
would you please tell us what will be the wind range/water state that the R17s matches best on the 161?
We all understand that R19S -- is THE ONE in very light wind but there are many 2006 R17 outhere that people would use as well so some your advice on it will be more than wellcome.
Regarding the R19 and wind till 15 kns :
don't you think the +8 cm will slow too much the board downwind?
What about "just" +6 ?
Is there some difference between "S" and "S--"?
How it get using a r19 M ? More higher range ?
Would you tell us what's the best choice (1 or 2 fins) for good trained weekend racers?
Thank you
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