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Default Phantom L, questions comments?

It's great that Starboard continues to develop raceboards. IMO, they are the highest combination of: versatility, capable, high performance, biggest range, all round windsurfer design, ever produced... in my opinion

I weigh about 91 Kg (about 200 lbs) and have been windsurfing for a long time. I've owned lots of longboards and shortboards and sail them all.

I've been reading about your new Phantom L... compared the regular Phantom 377 Batwing... and still thinking about the previous Phantom 380.

My current raceboard is an F2 Lightning world cup edition... the 1993 model. It's 249L and light and in great shape... all original and everything works like when it was new. (I'm sure that Remi and other veterans, are familiar with this board. It's very similar to the mid 90's Equipe's and Cat's

My local sailing conditions are usually light winds, between 2 and 12 knots. We can get some winter storms with 10-20+ knot winds. I can sail my shortboards when it's WINDY here in the winter (and I also drive 4 hours to the Gorge, for summer hi-winds). I also sometimes sail my Lightning, on those occasional winter 10-20+ knot days locally.

Questions about the new "L"... from your new catalog...

You suggest the Phantom for sailors under 80 Kg and the Phantom L for guys over 80 Kg.

You give the dimensions of both, that are identical (length, width, tail). It appears the "L" is "only bigger" because it's 3cm thicker.
And that added thickness bumps the "L" vol up to 298... compared to 263 for the normal Phantom.

Does my 91 Kg body "need" 298L of volume?

What does 3cm more thickness do for me?
Are the side-rails taller... and does that help a heavier guy rail upwind better? Meaning, IF the sides of the board are taller, will that help the board rail upwind more sharply and not slip sideways as much (for a heavier guy)?

What about planing... the "L" will be slower to plane, correct? (Not that I care a lot about that, since I sail mostly in lighter winds

But anyway... since the "L" model is the exact same length, width and shape... it's not going to plane any faster, right?
In fact, it'll take more wind to plane, right, since it's a bit heavier.
You don't list the weight yet... but it's 35L bigger... so it's going to weigh between 1 and 2 Kg more?

So yes... I'm wondering about your thoughts on this. Again, it's awesome that Starboard continues to develop raceboards.
(And then there's the previous Phantom 380 model

Anyway, I just haven't done enough international racing to know why adding 3 cm of height (and some weight) to the normal model, will help me.

We always used to say, "More volume is way better for the bigger guys". Cause in the 80's the raceboards were too small for heavy weights in light winds. But all the brands changed that in the 90's... and lots of big guys were sailing the 250L raceboards from Mistral, Fanatic and F2 in the 90's... and did just fine.
Your normal Phantom is 263L of volume... that's a good increase over 250!

I'm just wondering what is "that much better" for me... when you add thickness (and some weight)... to make the 377 "Phantom L" at 298L of volume.

Thanks, Greg
Greg M.

Seattle, Wa. U.S.
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