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Try this....
See if you can fix an attachment point very near the nose of the 114 on the under side.
Get a 1/4" line or 1/2"-3/4" wide flat nylon tube strap about 12-15 feet long.
Get about 3 feet of bungee 5/16" bungee cord or double up some 3/16" or 1/4" bungee cord.
Cut the 1/4" line/flat nylon tube strap in half and sew or tie the bungee cord in the center with the rope/strap extending off both ends of the bungee.
Tie one end of the rope/strap to the front of the 114.
Tie the other end to your mast base.
I do this all the time teaching!
No more yelling, great control to keep students from taking off downwind, they will
imitate my every move after about 5 minutes.
In 10-15 minutes about half of them are trying to pass me up. They learn that quicklu.
Of course, before you go out on the water you present a little verbal "challenge".
I tell them that as soon as they can keep slack in the tether all the time, and are attempting to pass me on the upwind side, I will let them "off the leash".
At first I have them focus on the tether....ask them to keep slack in it.
It's amazing how quickly they learn this way.
When you want to tack, tell them you will tell them when to start their tack.
You just tack a little upwind and a little sooner and there's no problem with tangles.
Hope this helps,
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