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Hi Remi,

Last saturday I picked up my 2 new 2014 Isonics (the 107 and 130) and as always.....think most people do :-)... they are situated in the living room for a couple of days. They look great with nice details. I measured them and what wundered me was that the boards didn't had any tailkick. I don't know how the 2013 boards looked like.........i sailed the Fanatic falcons this year which had a little kick and actually the most boards I'm measuring have some slight kick. My knowledge about it is that the board get's loose more.

Can you please tell me what's the reason to do this and what's the effect on the board. As I said maybe it was allready there in the 2013 boards but I don't know that.

Greetings from Mathias (Holland)
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