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Default From IS 101L 2010 to 90L 2013

Ciao di Roma,
I am close to replace my dear but old Isonic 101L Wood 2010 with 90L Carbon 2013 as upgrade . To sail with NCX /OverDrive from 6 to 7.5m.
I know 97L would be more logic but it runs out-of-stock and can't afford 2014 prices.
74Kg/experienced - My 2 other boards: Isonic 86L and 121L , both 2010 Wood.

-Considering the 10L volume and 4cm width drop, what am I going to lose/gain?
- Would I still be able to float and uphaul rig in case wind goes suddenly down?
- Would 90L new shape/wind range not to close to old 86L?

Experts advice very welcome
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